Angela Josephine

Stone Bright Solid (Volume I)

Angela Josephine - Stone Bright Solid (Volume I)
Release Date: August 29, 2012
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“Stone Bright Solid weeping as we break…”
– Angela Josephine

I’ve come to understand Stone Bright Solid – Volume I by way of fleeting glances and return rumination; looking out a four-story window at an ethereal landscape from the expanding and contracting vantage point of the dark night of the soul. “Got You On My Mind” is the mountain top on the horizon that commands my attention. It is the apex of relationship where love is all consuming. Where every thought is brought captive. Where my vision is full with the experience and I truly can’t get it out of my head. “Ordinary Ways” is the hushed and unassuming woman down the road. She is hard at work tending her garden. Hers is an ordinary, seemingly mundane existence made extraordinary only by walking away from the window and coming back for a second look. The title track “Stone Bright Solid” is a trick of the dark night, where there is a glimmer, a distracting vista and “I’ve flown into the window again”. Here the Divine Presence weeps with grief as I break repeatedly, weeping with joy as I wake. “Come To Me” is a beseeching wind that stirs at the center of a dark, expansive ocean. It fills the delicate sail of my soul with the promise that someone will meet me here in this darkness.

“Poor bird. She had thought all that was ahead of her, had perhaps even chosen the spot she wanted to scout for a nest, when it was really behind her instead, in the direction from which she had come.”
– Barbara Brown Taylor (Leaving Church) upon finding a bird that had flown into the window glass of her porch.

Magnetic Poetry EP

Stone Bright Solid comes in a tin with 5 interchangeable, magnetic covers and all the lyrics are magnetic words to create your own poetry. Photo locations include: Rincon, Puerto Rico (cover), The Mackinac Bridge (CD face), The Monastery Experience at the Mercato in Traverse City MI, Las Vegas and Lake Michigan.

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All music & lyrics by Angela Josephine
Produced by Chris Bathgate
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Keith Kinnear, Backseat Productions
Ann Arbor, MI

Angela Josephine – acoustic guitar, mandolin, piano, vocals & bgv’s
Chris Bathgate – acoustic, electric & classical guitar, percussion
Serge van der Voo – double bass
Griffin Bastian – drums
Ross Huff – trumpet & flugelhorn
Davey Jones – banjo
Michelle Brosius – violin
Micah Ling – cello

Design by Reece Karbowski & Angela Josephine
Photography by Angela Josephine & Joe Karbowski

Album Review

“This four-track EP is the most original I have seen since the days of Delirious releases such as ‘Live And In The Can’ and ‘Kingdom Of Comfort’. It comes in a tin box with five alternative magnetic photos and a choice of 160 magnetic words (lyrics to the songs). In true postmodern style, this CD can be what you want it to be – not so much reader-response as listener-response.”
- – David Faulkner, CRD