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Inspiring. Redemptive. Hopeful.

An interactive music experience with a message.

What do daisies and Dr. Suess have to do with the Sacred

I’d love to demonstrate the answer to this question at your event through music, poetry, art and attendee participation. The message I’ll bring is interactive, contemplative and inspirational.  It can fit easily with many themes and gives an interesting added dimension to any retreat experience or service.

The Message:

As we begin to trust who we are created to be, we shed the false expectations of the world, social media and comparison and allow the authentic creation in Christ to emerge.

Ways to bring this to you…

There are many options available and ways in which I can participate in your event. It often makes sense to have a discussion about your needs. Don’t hesitate to fill in the contact form below with your phone number and a good time to reach you.  We can just discuss what you are putting together and I can give you thoughts based on my experience.  With that in mind, here are some tried and true options.


  • Evening Concert: 60 to 90 minute concert
  • Acoustic Service: 45 to 60 minute creative concert as a worship service
  • Special Music: To happen during your worship service.  Suggested way I could blend into your service: opening song, 15 minute set with testimony, offertory and/or closing song
  • Evening Concert and Sunday Worship Special Music: combining two options above


  • Retreat Involvement: “Created to Be” seminar teaching, 60 minute concert, lectio divina and/or campfire worship
  • Evening Retreat Concert: 60 to 90 Minutes, campfire worship
  • Small Group House Concert in conjunction with Special Music: (see description in “House of Worship, Churches” section above)


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