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An intimate, outdoor concert gathering with Angela Josephine
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Intimate. Engaging. Personal.

A gathering for friends and family.

What is a House or Garden Concert?
An intimate acoustic concert hosted in your home, garden, yard or patio with Angela as the guest performer. (If you don’t have room at your home, consider galleries, church space and other available small spaces to host.) Includes a pre-concert “meet and greet” – a time of friendship and food where your guests chill and can get to know Angela and her husband Joe, who at times will be performing with her.  This is a private event as opposed to a house party and offers people a chance to get together, laugh, enjoy food and then gather to listen as Angela shares stories, songs and poems about her personal journey.

How does it work?
A person or couple acts as the host for the concert and invites friends to their home for a “House Concert” or “Garden Concert” with Angela. You decide where would work best. Just be sure to either provide seating for everyone (pillows, blankets, etc. also work in a pinch). You can ask people to bring their own chair, but you want to be sure everyone is able to be seated and providing that seating ensures a comfortable evening where everyone can have the best concert experience. It’s a good idea to have an alternate indoor area if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Garages can be a quick alternative!  You create the ambience and groove of the evening.  String lights and tiki torches are great for outdoors or candles and a fire in the fireplace for indoors.  Still, all those things are just icing and definitely not necessary.

What happens at a house concert?
SET-UP: Angela and Joe will arrive at the host’s house about an hour and a half before guests are due to arrive. She can set up her instruments and merchandise in the room or part of the yard where you choose to host the concert while you work on your preparations for the evening. This will also be a time for any last minute questions.

PRE-CONCERT “MEET AND GREET”: This is where the fun starts! Your guests get a chance to meet Angela and Joe, and break bread together.  It can be as simple as the host providing snacks and beverages – or – include everyone and have a fun, family-style potluck! Keep it simple or be creative. Pick a foodie theme! Mexican, Italian, Indian – it’s up to you!

CONCERT: After the “meet and greet” everyone gathers in the concert area of the host’s home for a one hour concert. You can expect the stories, poetry, art and music that Angela brings to all her performances, but with the bonus of having opportunities to ask questions and interact. Afterwards, guests can talk more with Angela and will have an opportunity to purchase merchandise.

What is the cost and what should you do?

  • The cost to the host is nothing aside from getting things ready the way you want it to be!
  • You only need 20 people to attend. However, invite at least 40 people. Why? Ideally, all would come – but in reality, life is full with things to do.  Inviting 40 ensures the minimum of 20 people in attendance.
  • Send out invites via snail mail or email.  Talk up the evening and let them know what is in store!  Let your guests know that this is a donation-based concert and to come prepared to make a donation to the the artist after the show.
  •  You determine how many people your home or garden can comfortably accommodate for an intimate, unplugged concert. We suggest a cut-off at 30 – but feel free to discuss options if you have more than that.

Anything else?

Just email us with a time frame you are hoping for and what dates ARE NOT available. We’d love to make it happen and often are working with several hosts to arrange a tour. Knowing what dates don’t work for you will help in that respect!  If you are asking us to travel a great distance, we would love to do that – however, would ask that you help us connect with a larger venue or church to make this possible. Often times, we can offset our costs by doing a concert or special music at a venue or even a church for a love offering.  Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you!

Interested but still unsure? Just send us your questions! If you are thinking about it and would like to discuss this in further detail, don’t hesitate. There is no obligation to commit and we’d love a chance to talk with you. We do think that you will be pleasantly surprised how easy this is and if you decided to host, we believe you will look back on this event as a deep and meaningful time of friendship… and quite frankly, a ton of fun!


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