Weep No More

Collage Art and Poetry, "Weep No More" by Angela Josephine
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I recently took a weekend art course at Interlochen and came out with things I didn’t like.  What do you do? Get out the scissors!

What resulted is this entry in my personal journal. I’m always amazed at the meaning that can emerge from destruction. If you let your eyes follow the ridge of the mountains and then dip into the phrases of the lake, you’ll find the poem that echoes this.  My only regret is that I cut this page out of my journal to scan it.  It was a destruction I didn’t care for and it changed the entire feel of the image.  I couldn’t even use that scanned image because it felt like a betrayal to do so. (The one you see is actually a photograph of the page before I removed it.) Lesson learned:  Keep your journal pages attached! Maybe my next insight will come when I decide how I’m going to re-attach the page to the journal; a lesson in reconstruction.

How do you see this being used? Album liner? Poetry book? Other ideas?


Poem in the art…


God’s daughter,

she tracks our falsehood

round the earth’s velvet surface.

Why do we fear?

The tears of the penitent hath no bounding shore.

Weep no more, lady, at

some river’s silken sound.

The wide and unbounded prospect