Sail - by Angela Josephine
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Just a poem to share out of a creative afternoon… let me know.. what is salt to you?  What about this gives you pause?  Anything disturb you?  Anything capture your imagination?


by Angela Josephine


Bare beneath the stiles turning

Columned air, the breath that’s stirring

Shore the narrow skiff that’s passing

Broken on her moorings

Fill the holds, fill the barrels

Fill the captain’s quarters airing

Gold the brazen, gold the fairest

Gold the salted cut you’re baring

Razor shorn the captain’s daughter

Skirling waif, the tantrum’s water

Seed the troweled earth that’s caught her

Sodden in the farrows

Spill the holds, spill the barrels

Spill the captain’s quarters waiting

Salt the brazen, salt the fairest

Salt the golden cut you’re baiting

Salt the golden cut you’re baiting

Salt the cut, the gold you’re weighting