New Year, New EP!

Brothers - by Angela Josephine
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Just a quick little update to let you know that final tracking for the upcoming EP is happening this month!  I should have masters in hand by the beginning of February.  The upcoming weeks are all about the art direction for the project.  Also am in conversation with a local filmmaker about a potential music video.  I’ll have more about that soon!

So that is the plan.  On to the other big deals in my life. The guys in this photo.

It’s one of my favorite’s from this Christmas break as we had a super great trip to NYC to visit our boys… two of whom work out here.  I’m just learning about Instagram thanks to our youngest son Reece who helps me keep up the appearance of being hip.  (the use of that word probably indicates the job he has cut out for him.)

Forrest and Catherine hosted Christmas.  Our adult children hosting Christmas!  Hold on… I need a moment!

It was a delicious day in every way shape and form.  (particularly round – as in Baby Cakes donuts of which I’m threatening to quite music and open a franchise just to indulge my new addiction).

Back in Michigan we have a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day.  After the goods and goodies, we opted instead to break with tradition and take a walk in Prospect Park (photo of boys taken there). Maybe this will be our new, New York thing.  I’m finding that as our family expands and changes, so do the traditions.  That may freak out some, and honestly – I wasn’t sure how it’d feel to NOT have the Northern Michigan homemade, homegrown hoo-hah.  Turns out, that if you are willing to embrace it, this new stuff is quite expansive to the soul. (OK – yes, and the waistline if I have my franchise!)

Here’s wishing you all things good and new in the New Year!

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